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Dear Congressman/Senator:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has embarked on an assault against the general aviation community. In a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) no less than 260 pages long, the TSA has proposed a host of sweeping rules and regulations that will cripple the general aviation community. Private owners of aircraft over 12,500 (an arbitrary weight chosen by the TSA) will now have to have flight crew background checks, security training, the requirement to obtain permission from TSA to carry passengers aboard the aircraft through a watch list supervisor, the designation of an aircraft security coordinator, an in flight security coordinator and a ground security coordinator, the TSA rule will require private citizens to undergo auditing at their own expense. The auditors will then send reports to the TSA, and the TSA will determine whether or not the aircraft operator is or is not in regulatory compliance. The carriage of personally owned tools and equipment aboard private aircraft will be prohibited unless they are placed in an inaccessible cargo hold under the control of the in flight security coordinator.

The elements outlined above in the TSA proposed rule demonstrates that the TSA has no understanding of general aviation. Apparently, it thinks that private aviation or general aviation is just like the operation of an airline which is engaged in common carriage. There is a remarkable distinction. General aviation pilots almost invariably know their passengers.There is no need for them to have their passengers cleared through the TSA. The owners and operators of these aircraft are almost without exception very successful and accomplished people, yet with the stroke of a pen, the TSA has deemed these people “security threats.”

America is in a recession. Like other segments of the economy, the aviation community is struggling. Allowing this TSA rule to become final may signal the death nell for many segments of the general aviation community and corporations using these aircraft as a whole.

I implore you to put a stop to this misadventure by the TSA and make sure that its Large Aircraft Security Program is terminated permanently.


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