Under the Large Aircraft Security Program, the US Government will have to search your plane before every flight. The TSA will know how often you fly, where you fly, and who goes with you. And yes you have to pay for it. $50 a flight.

Well, there you have it….

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I’m posting the link, because you have to hear the video.  And no, it’s not as garbled as they say it is.  The TSA agent, paragon of security, enforcer of the law, resposible for your safety and mine quite clearly says they are detaining the woman because of a bad attitude.

So, here’s what Senator Rockefeller is so upset about, he has to watch his “attitude” while you and me can just waltz out to our airplanes in our hangars.

See the world’s not fair, a US Senator shouldn’t be treated like that.

Got news for you moron, nobody should be treated like that.  These idiots in the TSA have no respect for anyone passing through, and no concept of security; if they did we’d be PROFILING in a heart beat.

But, remember when they come to your hangar that it’s all about the ‘tude.

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