Under the Large Aircraft Security Program, the US Government will have to search your plane before every flight. The TSA will know how often you fly, where you fly, and who goes with you. And yes you have to pay for it. $50 a flight.

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In memory of those lost on 9/11/01.

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Timing is everything…

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Below is an AP article posted at midnight Saturday on Labor Day weekend.  How convenient for the government to warn us of the evils of “little airplanes” when there’s nobody to respond.  This is part of the plan people, Tuesday when the alphabet groups go back to work they will counter with the truth, but by then all the Senator Rockefeller wannabees that think “little airplanes” serve no useful purpose will have had their head start…


Feds warn of small airplane terror threats

By EILEEN SULLIVAN – Associated Press | AP – 8 hrs ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI and Homeland Security have issued a nationwide warning about al-Qaida threats to small airplanes, just days before the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Authorities say there is no specific or credible terrorist threat for the 10-year anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. But they have stepped up security nationwide as a precaution.

According to a five-page law enforcement bulletin issued Friday, as recently as early this year, al-Qaida was considering ways to attack airplanes.

The alert, issued ahead of the summer’s last busy travel weekend, said terrorists have considered renting private planes and loading them with explosives.

“Al-Qaida and its affiliates have maintained an interest in obtaining aviation training, particularly on small aircraft, and in recruiting Western individuals for training in Europe or the United States, although we do not have current, credible information or intelligence of an imminent attack being planned,” according to the bulletin obtained by The Associated Press.

The bulletin also says al-Qaida would like to use sympathetic Westerners to get flight training, then get them to become flight instructors.

Matthew Chandler, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, described the bulletin as routine.

“We shared this information with our partners to highlight the need for continued awareness and vigilance,” he said.

Aviation security is much tighter than it was a decade ago, but al-Qaida remains keenly interested in launching attacks on airplanes, believing large attacks with high body counts are more likely to grab headlines.

Threats to small airplanes are nothing new. After the 2001 attacks, the government grounded thousands of crop dusters amid fears the planes could be used in an attack.

In 2002, U.S. officials said they uncovered an al-Qaida plot to fly a small plane into a U.S. warship in the Persian Gulf. And in 2003, U.S. officials uncovered an al-Qaida plot to crash an explosives-laden small aircraft into the American consulate in Karachi, Pakistan.


You’ll notice this is “routine” and the only threat is over seven years old.  That’s the best they could do.  Yet, this crap will drive the security issue; one the TSA/DHS has been reamed about lately (cost benefit seems to be nil). 

‘You see, we are doing something…’

Yep, once again trying to ground all the GA aircraft in the country and destroy your 4th Amendment rights, not to mention the automatic reduction of your freedoms as a pilot.

Contact you Congressmen and Senators NOW, tell them this dis-information campaign has to stop and stop now!

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