Under the Large Aircraft Security Program, the US Government will have to search your plane before every flight. The TSA will know how often you fly, where you fly, and who goes with you. And yes you have to pay for it. $50 a flight.

Or Maybe It’s Not Working

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Yesterday I posted an article where the TSA patted itself on the back, not the places you get patted, telling us what a great job they were doing.

Today, in the LA Times is another article questioning the spending of “$31 billion by 2014” in the name of your safety.  The link is below, as the article is a bit long to reproduce here:


If you are unsuccessful with the link, cut and paste it.

I particularly like the nose leads and cattle prods, unfortunately not for muslim terrorists but cattle in Cherry County, Nebraska in case Al Qaeda sleeper cells decide to mount biowarfare against the cattle population.

I think the telling quote is: 

“For me to sit here and say all this money was spent wisely is for me to sit here and lie to you,” he said. “Could we have done better? Yes. Have we done all that bad? Probably not all that bad, in the overall scheme of things.”

Nevertheless, the TSA has stopped nothing.  The Christmas bomber was stopped by passengers, Richard Reid, passengers, Times Square, a street cleaner.  All these people have done is feel up children and grandmothers and destroy your freedoms — it’s going to get worse unless you ACT NOW!

Forward this to your congressman and tell them you agree, you want to help fight the deficeit by reducing the size and power of the DHS.

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TSA coming up on 10th Anniversary

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Updated: Friday, 26 Aug 2011, 5:21 PM MDT
Published : Friday, 26 Aug 2011, 5:21 PM MDT

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – This fall marks the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

It is also the tenth anniversary of the Transportation Security Administration which was created in response to the attacks.

Over the last decade the agency says it has prevented millions of potential threats but people have also raised concerns about the TSA’s tactics.

Robert Gibbs has been flying for decades but he says since 9/11 flying has become more challenging.

“It is become a little more awkward and a little more uncomfortable to travel,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs said it’s uncomfortable because of the heightened security measures.

After the terrorist attacks on 9-11 the Transportation Security Administration was created to enhance the safety and security of travelers.

Since then passengers have had to get to the airport earlier, remove their belts and shoes to go through body scanners.

The TSA said it’s all in the name of security and that it is working.

“We’ve found 50 million prohibited items 4,600 firearms; thousands of items that could have gotten through that could have posed a potential threat to the air traveler,” said TSA spokesperson Luis Casanova.

However some call the measures invasive especially the pat downs and body scanners which are quite revealing.

“We never had any desire to see a person’s image, our desire was to see a potential threat that that person might be carrying,” Casanova said.

Still, to address those concerns and try to strike a better balance between people’s privacy and security the TSA is phasing in new technologies, like the Automated Target Recognition Software, which they unveiled at the Sunport.

Instead of showing the individual’s body the new software shows just a generic outline.

Gibbs and other passengers flying out of the Sunport say they have learned to adapt in this post 9/11 world of travel.

“I think that if people remember it’s for our own security and safety then that should matter,” said traveler Cathryn Collins.

The TSA said it is constantly developing new technologies and ways to stay ahead of terrorists.

It also said the strategy of the agency from the beginning is to be random and unpredictable, which means those pat downs, will always be a possibility.

In addition to the security measures we do see the TSA also scans every piece of checked luggage behind the scenes.


“The TSA said it’s all in the name of security and that it is working.”  Or not, maybe we’re allowing our Constitutional rights to be eroded in the name of safety.  They claim to have found 50 million prohibited items; how many nail clippers, how many 4 ounce bottles of a liquid or gel, how many pocket knives, leathermans, etc.?

They haven’t found a guy with explosives strapped to his penis, they haven’t found a bomb in an SUV in Times Square…

They have required two mule drivers on a land locked portion of the Erie Canal to get background checks and TWIC cards, they have conducted illegal searches under “Operation Playbook”, they don’t require muslim women (we assume) to remove their veils.

How much longer will you allow your rights to be eroded, how much more freedom will you lose?

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Omaha Airport Shut Down — over a science project…

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From the Columbus, Indiana REPUBLIC:

OMAHA, Neb. — An Oregon college student’s science project forced the evacuation and shutdown of a terminal at Eppley Airfield in Omaha on Wednesday.

The student had been participating in a science fair at Creighton University in Omaha, FBI spokeswoman Sandra Breault said.

“The device had a legitimate purpose and was harmless but had a suspicious appearance, which triggered an appropriate response by TSA and law enforcement,” Breault said.

Breault said the student is working on a doctorate, but did not release the student’s name or other details — such as the type of science project that prompted the scare.

The airport’s north terminal was evacuated and shut down for about two hours Wednesday after X-ray screening workers spotted the science project in a carry-on bag, the federal Transportation Security Agency said.

The terminal was reopened around 2 p.m. Wednesday.

Out of an abundance of caution [italics from STOPLASP], screening operations were suspended and the terminal was evacuated,” a TSA written release said. “The Omaha Police Department’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit cleared the item with negative findings.”

Screening operations continued at the airport’s south terminal, but crowds of travelers could be seen gathering outside the airport’s north terminal more than an hour after officials called for the evacuation.

Officers and police dogs could be seen inside the terminal checking trash cans, under chairs and even cabinets in the terminal’s shops and concessions area while the area was shut down.

The airport’s website indicated some flights in and out of the airport were delayed as police and officials swept the terminal.

SO, with your tax dollars it took  over two hours and they still weren’t sure (because of an “abundance of caution”); but to make sure, they had the dogs sniff the trash cans and under the potted plants.

This isn’t an “abundance of caution”, this is lunancy.  Imagine when you try to fly your personal aircraft and has an item that requires “an abundance of caution” — you’re going to be face down on the tarmac, the whole airport is closed, police helicopters overhead… when does the common sense kick it.

That’s an easy answer:  it doesn’t.  That’s why LASP and the other insults to our Constitutional rights (like SD-8G, Operation Playbook, etc.) should be done away with, whether Senator Rockefeller likes it or not.

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We Got the Wrong Guy…

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Posted: 07/31/2011
Last Updated: 51 minutes ago

  • Michelle L. Clark

TAMPA – A passenger at Tampa International Airport was arrested Sunday morning after authorities found a knife in his carry-on bag.

Forty-three-year-old Phillippe Francois Martinez of Clearwater is charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

Officials say TSA screeners who saw the knife initially detained the wrong person and carry-on bag.

When they did not find a knife, authorities were able to identify the correct passenger after viewing security video.

Martinez had already boarded his American Airlines flight to Miami en route to San Juan.

He was removed from the flight and officials found the knife in his bag.

The incident caused flight and screening functions to be delayed.

Read more: http://www.abcactionnews.com/dpp/news/local_news/tia-passenger-arrested-after-screeners-find-knife-in-bag#ixzz1TmCXKfed



Glad it wasn’t an IED or a biologic, as much time as it took these highly paid government servants charged with keeping us safe (since we can’t do it ourselves) he could have done all kinds of damage.

And what’s going to happen when you are the “wrong guy” detained in your GA airplane — going to a funeral, or a wedding or your kid’s graduation…  heartfelt apologies from the TSA for the mix up.

I doubt it.

Keep the faxes and calls going, the only reason you haven’t seen LASP II out yet is all the damage control the DHS and TSA have been doing over their screw ups.

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