Under the Large Aircraft Security Program, the US Government will have to search your plane before every flight. The TSA will know how often you fly, where you fly, and who goes with you. And yes you have to pay for it. $50 a flight.

GA Working Group and the TSA


As you may have read in the AOPA update, there was a recent meeting of this Group and the TSA.

Sounds like a mutual adoration session from the article.  Everybody got a long and they looked at how to make things more “manageable”.  Yet, you still can’t fly, except with special training and restrictions, into the DC3.  We still have TFRs sprouting up all over the place.  They said that “better interagency coordination” MIGHT have prevented the Kings from getting jacked up.  And of course they discussed how to spend government grants to make you airport(s) more secure.

Apparently AOPA will get to revise (help revise?) the 2004 Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports.  This “may” (?) include LASP, Repair Station Security…  What about SD-8G, what about Playbook…

What about why all this crap is being shoved on GA when we are STILL not considered a viable threat by any security or intelligence agency out there?

What about the recent packages with explosives they tried to fly into Chicago?  I know this may sound like a tangent, but follow me here.  When I was in an independant union in my day job, we were on the Hill talking with senators and congressmen because some of our group carried boxes instead of people.  They were pushing real hard for 100% screening of packages and luggage.  The TSA’s response was, “We have a known shipper program.”

Well, that was a waste because if you took you IED to the UPS store (like some guys in San Fransico did about seven years ago) and sent it to somebody, UPS was the known shipper.  And guess what, your IED didn’t get screened because, hey, it came from a known shipper — no need to waste the time and effort there, UPS Stores aren’t the threat.

So, time and effort still, again, over and over again, go into GA when it’s been fairly obvious that commercial aviation, for that matter SUV’s, are a much, much bigger threat to National Security.


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